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At the Turc method, there is a significant difference between the annual average of the measured and calculated ET with a value of According to the percentage, the measured ET is with Turc Method Photo no. Creată de E.

Creată de E. Wolfe This mod takes place in the modern era,and is built from the old files of Millennium Dawn It can be thought of as an enhanced version with modernized features while staying true to the streamlined and vanilla concept of the original mos Wolfe An updated version of the original Millennium Dawn Reskin mod.

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Creată de babu -Note, This mod is designed for deutans red-green colourblindness although it should help anybody struggling to see the colours. For the determination of which method is more efficient in the determining of evapotranspiration, we chose only 5 years We made four graphs which include all five years for each method as follows: Thornthwaite method is a method for arid areas.

As it shows the graph in Photo no.

The Photo no. The ET was calculated with four methods Thornthwaite, Haregreaves, Turc and Priestey and Tayloron an annual and multiannual basis for the period We took into account the measured ET values between the years mentioned for each month separately.

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Photo no. The maximum measured ET has a value of The difference between these two values is of The average values of the calculated ET for all five years Inin July, the calculated ET reached the value of

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