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In the evening, we will go back to our hotel in Hunedoara and serve dinner. În timpul verii, diferite evenimente muzicale au loc în cadrul Verii Culturale Bratislava.

Facilitati Day 1 - Departure from Timisoara towards Hunedoara km Meeting with the guide and than we will leave form Timisoara towards Hunedoara.

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On the road, we will pass through Lugoj, one of the most important cities in Banat Region. Here we will take brake at Ana Lugojana, an inn famous for its flamed crêpes.

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We arrive in Deva just in time for lunch. After lunch we will visit the city of Deva, which has a wonderful fortress on the top of a volcanic hill, dating back to We will use a funicular to reach the fortress.

After Deva, we will pass through Simeria, a small town in Hunedoara County. There The Arboretum is located, which was originally a park arround Ocksay Castle, but is now a protected area of national interest.

Castle hill dating will arrive in Hunedoara in the evening. Dinner and accommodation in Hunedoara.

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Day 2 - Relaxing baths in Geoagiu and historic visits in Sarmizegetusa km After breakfast we are heading to the wonderful spa resort of Geoagiu — Yes, famous for its thermal baths since Roman times. Here we can take a relaxing bath.

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In the afternoon we will visit Sarmizegetusa Regia. This ancient city was the capital and the most important military, religious and political center of the Dacians, the people who lived here, before the Romans came.

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The tour continues with a bus ride to Hunedoara city. Dinner in our hotel in Hunedoara.

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Day 3 - Hunedoara's Castles, Ruins and Parks 60 km After breakfast, it follows a visit to one of the most beautiful castles in Romania, Corvin Castle, built in at the orders of John Hunyadi. The castle hill dating continues with a visit to The Bison Reserve, located near the small town of Haţeg.

This is one of the few places in the world where bisons still exist. After lunch we should go to Santamaria-Orlea, where The Reformist Calvinist Church is located, which is one of the oldest churches in Romania.

Castel Tirolo / Schloss Tirol - Romanesque Portal to the Castle Chapel

Also, the Kendeffy Castle is located there, which was built in by a noble family. Our next stop will be at the Geopark of Dinosaurs, a place that still has remnants of small dinosaurs.

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In the evening, we will go back to our hotel in Hunedoara and serve dinner. Day 4 - Hunedoara's Monasteries and return to Timisoara km After breakfast, we embark on the bus and head to the watermills from Rau de Mori. After the watermills, we shall visit Colţ Monastery, one of the first certified monasteries in Romania.

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The last major attraction of the tour is Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana - the political, administrative and religious center of Roman Dacia in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. The city was settled by the veterans of the Roman-Dacian wars.