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Murmur of the heart online english subtitles. This Page serverele proprii a echipajului captiv În mijlocul vastei întinderi de.!

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These jewels were said to contain a mysterious power that could grant the person who finds them any wish, and your father was dedicated to find the truth. One night while closing up the museum, a strange guest enters and mentions your father. But you soon feel threatened by this intriguing yet terrifying stranger, and in the nick of time, a mysterious, handsome young man appears hidden heart dating whisks you away "to safety Could they hold the key to the whereabouts of your father, and the secrets of his research?

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How do they know him, and what do they know about the jewels? Also, who is the strange figure who broke into the museum? What secrets do these people know?

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And why do they all want YOU? In one single, eventful day, you soon find yourself thrust into a brand new world of secrets, magic, mystery, and the hidden world of the legendary Phantom Thieves. These thieves have long been known to steal various artifacts He likes attention, and will do anything to get yours!

Caligari 7. When the fever leaves him with a heart murmur, Chevalier is placed in a sanatorium, along with his over-attentive and adulterous mother Léa Massari. Within Our Gates more

Crafty, talented, and skilled with his hands, he is great at making decoys, and finding his way around secret places. However, will this protective thief be able to steal his way into your heart?

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But don't let his introspective personality fool you - he is always thinking about you first and foremost! He has no time for games, and will do anything to keep you safe!

But what is he hiding?

Will you be the one to crack open his heart? A successful businessman from a young age, this classy thief knows how to use his skills and funds to acquire useful info, and of course, keep you safe! But there are some things money can't buy.

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Can he afford the price of your heart? Check out our other Otome games as well! Our game is Japanese anime style dating simulator, otome game, otaku game, visual novel and virtual boyfriend.

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Find your sexy ikemen!