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Consultați pagina sa descriptivă acolo. Descriere fișier Messier object 40 Messier 40 is a double star with a separation of 53 arc seconds.

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It was catalogued by Charles Messier in It is also identified as Winnecke 4 WNC 4 with position and separation measurements dating back to There is nothing unusual about the two umass lowell dating stars that make up this object. The two stars are easily visible and resolved in any small telescope.

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A slow relative motion of the two stars gave the appearance that they were in a slow orbit around each other. In fact their alleged orbital motion was so slow that it was believed that the orbital period was in the range of thousands of years, if indeed this was a true gravitationally bound binary star system.

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A fresh investigation of the nature of M40 was undertaken by Richard Nugent in ; his results support the hypothesis of an optical double star, i. This indicates that perhaps the secondary component, B, may be much closer to us than the brighter primary, A. The numbers imply that if the two components of M40 were a true gravitationally connected binary star system, the period of the orbit would exceedyears which is unheard of in the binary star community.

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This orbital period would indicate an actual separation of the pair of some 5, AU's 0. This applies worldwide.

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În anumite țări există posibilitatea ca acest lucru să nu fie legal posibil; în acest caz: Two Micron All Sky Survey 2MASS permite oricui să utilizeze această operă în orice scop, fără nicio condiție, atâta timp cât asemenea condiții nu sunt cerute de lege.